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wav files

Death of .Wav Files?

Could this be the end of .Wav files as we know it?  Could they be hurting your music production? The answer may shock you. WATCH NOW

import logic pro into reason

How to import Logic Pro Beats Into Reason

If you want to import your Logic Pro Beats into Reason here is the best way to do easily and effortlessly.

how to track out fast

Fastest Way To Track Out Your Beats

Don’t you hate having to track out your beats, especially when you have alot of different sounds in them? Big Homie Kev shows you a shortcut to tracking out even faster!

looking to license music

Here’s The Scoop on Licensing Your Music

If you want to license your music (which you should) here is the inside scoop on how to get paid licensing your music.

Kev Drops Game On Anr

Kev Drops Game On A & R’s

Have you ever wondered how to get major A&R’s to use your tracks for major projects? Kev gives the inside scoop on how he has had success with getting major placements with A & R’s

unlocking majur and minor

Unlocking The Power Of Minor and Major Chords

Discover how to unlock the power of major and minor chords in your music production. This is a real game changer, and can take your music to a whole new level INSTANTLY. Watch Now

go broke without this

Producers Will Go Broke WIthout This

Producers will go broke without this. If you plan on living off of your music you MUST watch this video immediately. This is URGENT.