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whips up quick banger

Kev Whips up Another MONSTER Banger

Kev does it again!! Another MONSTER banger made right before your eyes. This video will definitely spark some new creative ideas and motivate you to lay down a banger RIGHT NOW.

do this immediately

Producers Do This Immediately

If you are a music producer you need to make sure you do this immediately. “MUST WATCH”.


Are Producers Cheating Using Loops?

Watch this video to find out which super producer is currently using loops. There has been a ridiculous debate as to whether using loops is “cheating”.  It’s pure non-sense, but more producers don’t know almost all super producers use music loops in some form or fashion.

turned out fire

OMG – This Beat Turns out FIRE!!


If you EVER watched a beatmaking video before… NOTHING compares to this. ULTRA FIRE. Watch and be inspired!


How to Copyright Your Beats

This is how you copyright you beats as a music producer. It’s very important that you know how to do this.

sometimes you have to do this

Producers HAVE to do this…

Sometimes as a producer you have to do this. It’s every important. Watch the video to find out what.

gunit beat

Watch Kev Make FIRE G-unit Type Beat

Call the Fire Dept, Kev makes some serious HEAT in this beat-making video.  Look over Kevs shoulder as he creates a G-unit type beat, that could instantly put them back on top.