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Danger Pack (Drums)

*All Drum Samples handcrafted by Big Homie Kev

    • 25 Kicks
    • 25 Snares
    • 25 Trap hi-hat loops
    • 25 Percussion loops
    • 25 Drum loops

Normal Price: $99
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ALL Drum Loops include every sound broken down into it's OWN .wav file
Works in ALL Software... Reason, fruity loops, etc...

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Danger Drum Pack *All drum samples handcrafted by Big Homie Kev (not recycled from other packs)

  • 25 Kicks – Every kick built from scratch to BANG out of this world
  • 25 Snares – Every snare is handcrafted to have that “CRACK”
  • 25 Hi Hats – Trap hi-hat loops
  • 25 Percussion loops – Make your beats stand out by using unique percussion loops
  • 25 Drum loops – Each Drum loop created by kev to instantly inspire you to create your best beats


Normal Price: $99 Today’s Special: $67